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Casement Window

A casement window, or casement, is affixed to a frame at the side by one hinge or multiple hinges. They differ from awning windows, which have top hinges, and from hoppers, which have bottom hinges. This type of window can either be used by itself or as part of a pair within the same frame. What are the casement window pros and cons? Read on to find out.

Casement Windows Are Great For Ventilation

These windows offer the best ventilation of any other window type. Since they open outward, they can catch fresh air, side breezes and light more easily than other window types. While open, the standard casement window is 100% open to the outside, except in the case of a pair of casement flanking windows on either side of a fixed picture window. This is great in the summer if you live near one the thousands of MN lakes and just want fresh air

Casement Windows Are Very Energy Efficient

When these windows are closed, they are the most energy-efficient of all window types. Because the casement window sash is movable, it is able to fasten very securely to the weather-stripping when in a locked position; thus, very little outside air can get in. This type of window is especially good to have in a very cold climate like Twin Cities area in MN.

Casement Windows - Ease Of Maintenance

Because of its design, casement window is usually a very good choice for hard to reach places. This is why it is so often found over kitchen sinks. Because they are cranked open instead of being slid up and down, casement windows are easier to open and close, and this also makes it easier to wash them.
Most of today’s better-constructed casements pivot on their hinges as they open, moving the entire sash away from the hinge side of the window frame. This provides a space to reach through to wash the outside of the window while still being able to stand inside the house. This is especially helpful in MN where we have only a few months a year to clean our homes, and than it's back to cold.

Better Security With Casement Windows

Casement windows are very difficult to break into. Casement locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the frame, making them untouchable.
Contrast this with double-hung windows, which are easy to break into by slipping a slim pry bar under the sash and lifting. The sash lock's screws pull right out of the wood.
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Even though the design options are almost endless, for construction of Patio Doors comes down to fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, steel, wood and clad-wood offerings. Your choice depends on what factors are most important to you.

  • Fiberglass
    This material features both the feel and look of genuine wood, right down to the knots and cracks, with less upkeep. In fact, these doors are built to consistently withstand the rigors of any climate - hot or cold, wet or dry.
  • Clad-Wood
    Like a coat of armor, cladding is a strong layer of metal on wood, providing extra protection and low maintenance benefits with no exterior painting required.
  • Vinyl
    A strong plastic material that is used for its durability, energy efficiency and ability to stand up to the elements. This material will never fade in color, flake, peel or rot.
  • Aluminum
    A lightweight and strong material that is a cost effective alternative to wood. This material is corrosion-resistant and performs well in most climates.
  • Wood
    Wood comes from trees that grow in a variety of species, such as fir, pine, mahogany or alder. Each species has a range of characteristics, like grain, color and sap content, which contributes to its unique appearance.
  • Steel
    An economical option, steel offers strength and durability and is a good choice for most climates. These doors are also treated to deliver superior rust-resistance. They will require only minimal maintenance (in especially moist areas, they may require minor upkeep).

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