Marvin Casement Window

Today’s homes are pushing the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living. Homeowners and architects prefer more glass, open views, ideal sun angles and easy, natural transitions to outdoor living spaces. Marvin casement windows feature window sashes attached to the frame by one or more hinges. Casement-style windows are hinged on the side and can either swing inward or outward, depending on the desired style, and feature our patented exclusive wash mode.


The Marvin Ultimate Casement Window is an innovative, high-performing casement window, offering expert craftsmanship, a variety of customization options, and superior value. Designed to suit virtually any application, these state-of-the-art windows feature concealed multi-point locks, patented exclusive wash mode, and durable hardware that ensures easy opening and smooth operation even on larger-sized windows. The Marvin Ultimate Casement features a recessed sash for a traditional look, plus a full jamb, making it perfectly suited for new construction or full frame replacement.


  • Largest operating wood/clad casement in the industry at 36” x 102” or 44" x 91 1/8”
  • Fixed casement as large as 120” x 80” or 80” x 120"
  • Removable interior covers and pre-drilled jamb holes for easy installation and clean, finished appearance
  • For use in nearly any new construction, remodeling, or full frame replacement application
  • Revolutionary wash mode allows access to both sides of glass from indoors
  • Available in StormPlus for coastal region IZ3
  • Retractable screen option


The Marvin Ultimate French Casement pairs expert engineering with thoughtful design to offer a beautiful architectural window that won’t compromise on performance or energy efficiency. The Ultimate French Casement has no center vertical post and opens like a French door. Simply crank open each independent sash and enjoy an unobstructed view.


  • No center post offers unobstructed view
  • Concealed multi-point lock
  • Multiple jamb widths
  • Available in sizes up to 5' wide and 6' high


The Marvin Ultimate Push Out French Casement pairs expert engineering with thoughtful design to offer a beautiful architectural window that won’t compromise on performance, energy efficiency, or value. The Ultimate French Push Out Casement has no center stile or vertical post, and instead opens like a French door—simply push out each sash and enjoy the wide-open views.

  • 4 9/16" jamb ideal for full-frame replacement and new construction
  • Exclusive friction limiter device allows the window to be locked open at multiple pre-set angles
  • Revolutionary wash mode allows access to both sides of glass from indoors
  • Capable of supporting a 150 pound sash, providing top performance at very large sizes


The Marvin Ultimate Push Out Casement window gives you the ultimate in value. Enjoy nearly unlimited design options, expert craftsmanship, and the highest-quality materials, all in a window that is truly Built around you. Our Ultimate Push Out Casements are a beautiful alternative to crank-out-style casement and awning windows, featuring a multi-point locking system that makes them easy to operate, plus our exclusive wash mode that provides easy access to the exterior. This window offers all the advantages of modern technology wrapped up in the traditional look of a push out window.

  • Available in sizes as large as 40" x 92" or 36" x 96
  • Energy efficient DP50 rating at even the largest sizes
  • Revolutionary wash-mode allows access to both sides of the glass from indoors
  • Multi-point locking system makes them extremely easy to operate


With a flush exterior frame and sash as well as a narrow frame the Marvin Contemporary Casement is perfect for projects looking to achieve a contemporary design. Available in large sizes and a square interior profile for massive views with streamlined sight-lines. The Contemporary Casement looks impressive on its own or grouped with other windows.

  • Available in crank out or push out
  • Flush exterior frame and sash
  • Narrow frame and jamb
  • CW-PG50 performance rating
  • Durable hardware system provides the widest open views, even at extra large sizes
  • Endless standard design options
  • Operable or non-operating units are available in special shapes
  • Revolutionary wash mode allows access to both sides of glass from indoors
  • Retractable Screen Option


The Marvin Inswing Casement window complements classic architectural styles. Inswing casements are particularly desirable where an outswing window would interfere with a patio, deck, or outdoor walkway. The Inswing casement can open to 180 degrees, so it is completely out of the way when open. Also available in a French Inswing Casement for a sweeping, wide view when open, with no center post to spoil the scenery.


Originally developed by Marvin Signature Services as a custom solution, this unique Marvin window is available by Special Order. See your Marvin dealer for more information on this specialty product.


  • Available in single sash Inswing Casement or double sash Inswing French Casement operating style.
  • The operating sash in the Inswing French Casement open in the middle, leaving no center post to obstruct the wide view.
  • Window size, depending on hardware, can be as large as 6' in height.
  • Concealed pocket hinges provide flawlessly smooth operation and clean looks.



The Marvin Venting Picture window, exclusive to Marvin, is a beautiful way to bring natural light into a room or to highlight a beautifully expansive and unobstructed outdoor view. And now, it can also be a source of fresh air — Marvin's Ultimate Venting Picture window is designed with a patented hidden screen system, allowing it to open evenly on all sides for passive air exchange. Just another way that Marvin’s innovative products can add comfort and energy efficiency to your home.


  • Patented hidden screen system
  • Opens evenly on all sides for passive air exchange
  • Provides ventilation when positioned strategically with other windows
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Limited sash travel can enhance security by reducing the appearance of an open window from the exterior


Integrity All Ultrex Casement windows are quite simply some of the best-built windows you’ll ever find. With a virtually indestructible Ultrex pultruded fiberglass construction, dual-arm roto gear operation and sequential locking system, you can count on dependable operation for the life of the window. These side-hinged windows feature large daylight openings, clean sightlines, and a great contemporary feel.


  • Low-maintenance Ultrex exterior and interior
  • Folding handle and dual-arm roto gear provide secure operation
  • Multi-point sequential locking system
  • Available in special sizing
  • Color matched and neutral dark components available with bronze and ebony interior finishes


Clean sightlines and smooth operation makes the Wood-Ultrex Casement window some of our most versatile windows. Add Round Top for an extra splash of sunlight or pair them with a picture window for a great view. The Ultrex fiberglass exterior stands up to the harshest elements, and the real wood interior delivers natural beauty.


  • Low-maintenance Ultrex exterior; rich pine interior
  • Available in special sizing
  • Tripane glazing option
  • Multi-point sequential locking system
  • Folding handle and dual-arm roto gear operation prevents sagging